Tournaments are a key part of any student's training. They present the opportunity to test physical and mental skills in a friendly, competitive and controlled environment.

Bai Rui hosts two Brisbane-based tournaments per year - normally April and October. These are significant events in which Taekwon-Do students from across south-east Queensland compete. In recent years we've also had competitors travel from interstate and internationally. We generally have well over 200 competitors - ranging from the tiny wee-pee-wee's (fromĀ 4 years old) to the presidents' divisions (40+ years old). We pride ourselves on running a fair competition in which competitors from all clubs and Taekwon-Do schools are treated with respect.

Our key focusĀ is the safety of competitors. The level of contact is determined by both age and rank - younger divisions will be no contact. Each tournament starts with a briefing in which the rules and levels of contact are discussed. Black belt sparring divisions can expect semi-contact, but even this is tightly controlled.

The sparring competition is point-based and competitors are required to wear protective equipment - mouth guard, groin guard (for males), gloves and boots. If it's your first tournament, we'll have gloves and boots available for your use.

In addition to the sparring competition, tournaments include - patterns, power-breaking, special techniques and pre-arranged sparring. Other team events (e.g. team sparring and patterns) may be included if time permits.

If you train at a Bai Rui club, your instructor will provide details and forms. If you're currently training with another ITF school, you can contact Bai Rui enquiries if you're interested in this event.