Tell me about Rank Structure

The Bai Rui belt system consists of ten Student ranks and nine Black Belt Dan ranks. The Student ranks are often referred to as the coloured belt ranks. They start at 10th Gup and progress to 1st Gup. The Black Belt ranks commence at 1st Dan and progress to 9th Dan. To move between ranks, students attend a formal testing (held locally) to demonstrate that they are ready to move to the next level of training in the Art.

There are six coloured belts; white, yellow, green, blue and red, each representing the development of the student knowledge and skill in the art. With consistent practice, the average time for adults between coloured belt testings up to 1st Gup, is three months. For children we focus on allowing them to develop at a pace that is appropriate for their age and ability, so the time spent at each rank will be different for each individual child.

Training and development in the Art continues far beyond becoming a Black Belt. Achieving your first 1st Dan can be just the beginning! There are four classes of Black Belt; Novice is 1st to 3rd Dan, Expert is 4th to 6th Dan, Master is 7th to 8th Dan and Grand Master is 9th Dan.